Order a Premiere Listing

When you order a premiere listing you get:


A 12 Month Listing on the local MLS with up to 15 pictures featured on the listing.


The Premiere listing also includes a professional real estate sign

with a toll free 800 # and presonalized recorded message with a description of your property

and how to make contact to view the property. 


You will also receive a secure MLS Lockbox to place on your door,

so real estate agents can securely gain access to show your property to potential buyers.

You can be notified via email every time someone accesses your lockbox.


Broker assistance and negotiation is also included with the premiere package,

from contract to close. This is an extremely valuable service that can give you

the advantage in pricing, negoitations, and contract terms.


To order a premiere listing, please completely fill out the order form below.

We will respond to you promptly, via telephone or email to get your paperwork, pictures and payment.

If you have any specific comments or questions, please be sure to put them in the space provided.


Thank you!